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Watch live CCTV footage | 5 Asiatic lions attacked the Juna vandarvad village in the midnight

Добавлено от Admin В Вестерны 2018
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Watch live CCTV footage | 5 Asiatic lions attacked the Juna vandarvad village in the midnigh

A fascinating video has emerged of a pride of Asiatic lions marching together in western India. The video was shot on 30 Noveber 2019

Visuals showed at least a five felines, including young lions and lionesses, moving the village in the midnight.

A video caught on the CCTV camera of a house shows a few lions roaming the village streets.
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The Asiatic lion (Panthera leo leo) is a lion population in Gujarat, India, which is listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List because of its small population size. Since 2010, the lion population in and around Gir Forest National Park has steadily increased. In May 2015, the 14th Asiatic Lion Census was conducted over an area of about 20,000 km (7,700 sq mi); the lion population was estimated at 523 individuals, comprising 109 adult males, 201 adult females and 213 cubs. And now lion population about 1000 above.

Asiatic lions were once distributed upto the state of West Bengal in east and Rewa in Madhya Pradesh, in central India. At present Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is the only abode of the Asiatic lion. The last surviving population of the Asiatic lions is a compact tract of dry deciduous forest and open grassy scrublands in southwestern part of Saurashtra region of Gujarat.
Do you know ? Endangered Big cat Asiatic Lion live in world's only one Habitat which is India's great Gir forest sanctuary !!! So welcome. We make yours encounter with Asiatic lions

It is our humble attempt through this channel to provide information about the species Asiatic Lion standing on the verge of extinction. We are trying to give correct information by removing misconceptions about Asiatic lions

The Forest Department of Gujarat Government has great working on the Lion conservation project. The result is in front. At one time there were only 11 lions in the Gir forest. Today the number of lions is more than 523. Remind you that In 1904, the Nawab of Junagadh Mohabatkhan III banned hunting.

The lion is the king of the jungle and is a social animal. Asiatic lions does never attacks on humans. Till someone does not haresment him. The lion and human have made friends, Because lions are beneficial for humans. Lion is helping farmers in the farm. Which causes damage to the crops in animal farms, Lions hunt those animals. Local people get big economic advantage through the tourism industry due to lion. Because Lions and humans respect each other And all this is in front of you...
The lion has become an integral part of the local people. Lion is our Respect. Lion is our Pride

We are working last 25 years in the surrounding Gir forest area, We have more than 10000 unique, amazing and rare videos footage huge archive about Asiatic lion, leopard, biodiversity and African origin "Siddi" community. We provided most useful information about Gir forest Wildlife, Biodiversity and Endangered species Asiatic lions Unique, Ultimate and Unbelievable video footages.

So please quickly SUBSCRIBE to get Unimaginable videos, stories and information on our channel. And watch continuous Steady stream of videos from across India. https://www.youtube.com/c/girindia

Please write to us to licensing this stock footage. Reach us at: girindiafilms@gmail.com

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