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TULA (Vedic Libra) - A Whole New Journey. New World. New Life Ahead.

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Hello dear Tula!
These Intuitive Messages are based on your VEDIC Sign (Lagna, Chandra and Surya). If you are unfamiliar with Vedic Astrology check your placements in one of the online calculators that use sidereal zodiac (ideally Lahiri Ayanamsa). I recommend watching for all of them and finding out for yourself which story resonates the most.

I recommend watching for your Vedic Ascendant (Lagna), Moon Sign (Chandra) and Sun Sign (Surya) and finding out for yourself which story resonates the most. In fact, now that I think of it, I definitely record these messages with Lagna Rashi in my mind (then the Moon, the Sun is most likely the last).

Although, I mention astrological transits which are placement and time-specific, these messages can be used synchronistically! They may provide guidance whenever you need it, thus I encourage you to browse through the old material if you're drawn to do so. Enjoy!

Vedic Tula includes roughly the last 6 degrees of Western Libra and the first 24 degrees of Western Scorpio.
Nakshatras: Chitra 3-4, Swati 1-4, Vishaka 1-3

Watch your Extended Reading on VIMEO (+ surprise) ☀️ https://bit.ly/2NDusCb

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Check out my INSTA for more content on LIFE, MENTAL HEALTH and ASTROLOGY ➤ ola.laflambo

Also make sure to visit my Community Comments Section - here on YouTube - where I frequently post essays/thoughts on Empowerment/Consciousness-related topics.

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