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"Rough Riders" 1997 Complete Teddy Roosevelt TV Mini-Series - Part 2

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Part 2 of 2

July 1st 1898 - The Battle of San Juan Hill - Nearly 121 Years ago as of the publication of this video.

Presenting the complete, original 1997 TNT TV Mini-Series which originally aired July 20th - 21st. The Mini was directed and co-written by John Milius about future President Theodore Roosevelt and the regiment known as the 1st US Volunteer Cavalry; a.k.a. the Rough Riders. The series prominently shows the bravery of the volunteers at the Battle of San Juan Hill, part of the Spanish–American War of 1898.

The film was shot in Texas over 48 days on a budget of $19 million. Six Texas locations served as stand-ins for Cuba, Florida, New York and Washington, D.C. - Palestine, a town southeast of Dallas, was the period railroad; the Cuban jungle scenes were done outside Houston and the hill country outside San Antonio stood in for the training camp and San Juan Hill.

The film was in interesting mix of actors from other war films of the 80s-90s... Allot of actors from "Gettysburg", "Tombstone" and "Platoon."

It stars:
Tom Berenger – Lt. Col./Col. Theodore Roosevelt
Sam Elliott – Capt. Bucky O'Neill
Gary Busey – Maj. Gen. Joseph Wheeler
Brad Johnson – Henry Nash
Illeana Douglas – Edith Roosevelt
Chris Noth – Craig Wadsworth
Brian Keith – President William McKinley
George Hamilton – William Randolph Hearst
R. Lee Ermey – Secretary of State John Hay
Dale Dye – Col./Brig Gen. Leonard Wood
Mark Moses – Capt. Woodbury Kane
William Katt – Edward Marshall

I grew up watching the original broadcast and recording it on VHS - later owning the 2-Video set. This is one of the programs that continued my love of American history, and this music triggers allot of memories. Enjoy.


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