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EasyPaisa Cash back details Full Video 2020 - New CashBack Offer 2020 √ FAHDI TECH √

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EasyPaisa Cash back details Full Video 2020 - New CashBack Offer 2020 √ FAHDI TECH √

Easy Paisa App New Version Download Link

2nd link Download EasyPaisa App

Easy Paisa new update launched

Interesting features kr sath new update

What's new in easy Paisa app

Enjoy new and exciting features like Gift Money and invite your friends like never before. Check out available discounts from Easypaisa and a lot more!

East Paisa app description

Easypaisa is a one-stop solution for managing all your payments!

An app that has it all! You can conveniently send money, top up your mobile balance through Easyload, subscribe to offers and pay your bills with just the tap of a button!


Customers can make easyload transactions from the comfort of their homes on any of the following networks:

i. Telenor
a. Easyload Rs. 30 – Rs. 49 & Get 30 Free Telenor Mins, SMS & MB’s For 1 Day
b. Easyload Rs. 50 – Rs. 99 & Get 60 Free Telenor Mins, SMS & MB’s For 1 Day
c. Easyload Rs. 100 or Above & Get 1,000 Free Telenor Mins, SMS & MB’s For 1 Day
ii. Jazz
iii. Zong
iv. Ufone
Non-Telenor Mobile Network Users will get 25% Cashback on any Easyload amount with a maximum of Rs. 200 cash back in a given month.

Money Transfer:

Send money to your friends and family anywhere in Pakistan. Sending money to any CNIC, Mobile Account or a Bank Account has never been this easy.

Telenor Offer Activation:
All your favorite Telenor Call, SMS & Data Offers can be easily subscribed from the Easypaisa App. Not just that but also receive exclusive discounted offers.

i. Telenor Internet Offers
a. Weekly Ultra For Self: Get 6,000 MBs (5,000 Free Use MB’s & 1,000 Social MB’s for Goonj & Gamebox) in just Rs. 139!
b. Weekly Super Offer: 2,500 MB’s (2,000 Free Use MB’s & 500 Social MB’s for Goonj & Gamebox) in just Rs. 155!
c. Social Pack Offer: 50MB’s per day for Facebook, WhatsApp & Twitter in Just 1 Paisa!
d. Monthly Starter Offer: Get 8,000 MB’s (4000MBs valid from 1AM to 7AM) in just Rs. 351.

ii. Telenor Easycard:
a. Easycard 170: Save Rs. 35! Get 600 On-Net Min’s, SMS & MB’s along with 40 Off-net Min’s in just Rs. 135!
b. Easycard 350: Save Rs. 20! Get 500 On-Net Min’s, SMS & MB’s along with 50 Off-Net Min’s in just Rs. 330!
c. Easycard 600: Save Rs. 60! Get 2,000 On-Net Min’s and SMS, 1,500 MB’s & 150 Off-Net Min’s in just Rs. 570!
d. Easycard 800: Get 4,000 On-Net Min’s and SMS and 250 Off-Net Min’s in just Rs. 800!

Zong Offers:

All your favourite Zong offers can be easily subscribed from the Easypaisa App with exclusive discounts!

Weekly Data Bundles:
1. Zong Super Weekly Max (15GBs Internet in Rs. 296)
2. Zong Super Weekly Plus (7GBs Internet in Rs. 249)
3. Zong Super Weekly Offer ( Internet in Rs. 187)

Weekly Hybrid Bundles
1. Zong Haftawar Load Offer (2,500 On-Net Min’s, 80 Off-net Mins and 2500 SMS and 2,560 MB’s in Rs. 280)
2. Zong All-In-One Weekly (1000 On-Net Min’s, 40 Off-net Mins and 1000 SMS and 1024 MB’s in Rs. 200)

Utility Bill Payment:
Pay All your utility bills with just a tap of the button!

1. Electricity:
IESCO, PEPCO, MEPCO, KESC, K-Electric, FESCO, GEPCO, HESCO, Bahria Town Electricity Supply, LESCO, QESCO
2. Gas:
3. Broadband:
PTCL, SCO, SCO Prepaid Load, PTCL EVO, Naya Tel, Qubee, Wateen, World Call, Wi-Tribe

Avail amazing promotions & discount offers on Bus, Movie & Event tickets!

a. Movie Tickets:
i. Centuarus Cineplex
ii. The Arena Bahria Town
iii. Atrium
iv. Universal Cinema Multan
v. Cinestar Township
vi. Sozo World Cinema
vii. Super Cinema Vogue Tower
viii. Cinestar Xinhua Mall
ix. Universal Cinema Lahore

b. Bus Tickets:
i. Bilal Travels
ii. QConnect
iii. Daewoo
iv. Skyways
v. Niazi Express
vi. Rajput Travels


Ensure a secure future for yourself and your family with easy-to-access insurance products for all your needs.


Find your preferred charity organizations in one window and make donations through the App.
a. Diamer Basha Dam Fund
b. Edhi
c. Saylani
d. Shaukat Khanum (SKMCH)

QR Payments:

Make swift payments using the mobile app to scan QR Codes at selected outlets and avail discounts.
Masterpass QR Deals:
i. Pizza Hut WoW Deal in Rs. 299 Only (Personal Pan Pizza + Drink) – Save Rs. 100!
ii. KFC Zinger Meal in Rs. 300 Only (Zinger + Drink) – Save Rs. 180!
iii. Burger King Crispy Burger Meal in Rs. 199 Only (Burger, Fries & Drink) – Save Rs. 126!

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