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Childhood under Mao – China's Cultural Revolution | DW Documentary

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Hundreds of foreigners were involved in Mao's Cultural Revolution. Their children were raised as young communists. But as the class struggle in China escalated, the "Great Helmsman" started to question their unwavering loyalty to the "New China."

Their parents came from all over the Western world - from New York, London, Paris and Berlin. In China at the time of the Cultural Revolution, they held important positions in the emerging society such as consultants for Beijing’s Urban Planning Department or Mao’s private English teacher. But the children themselves were raised differently - to love Communist China and its leader, Mao Zedong and they attended local Chinese schools and joined the "Red Guards." But when Mao turned on the intellectuals he claimed were critical of the Cultural Revolution, the Party started to question their unwavering commitment to the "New China." Many were imprisoned, while others were sent to labor camps. "Red Children" tells their stories and combines personal experience with the historical background of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

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