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Bucking The Trends with Megan Kimmel | Salomon TV

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Megan Kimmel travelled to Afghanistan for two weeks to work with Ascend Athletics and a group of Afghan women training to climb the tallest mountain in the country. They were able to travel to the wilderness for a week and discovered connections and a landscape that they had in common.

Thanks to all the women who shared their journey and everyone at Ascend.

Visit https://www.ascendathletics.org for more information on how to support their ongoing mission.

Key Credits:
Filmed by Theresa Breuer, Megan Kimmel, and Max Romey.
Edited and painted by Max Romey.
“Desert Trail” and “Bushcraft” by Terry Devine-King
“Sun Beam” by Jordan Gagne
“You are not funny” by Untitled Love Story
“You’re There” by Searching for Skies

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