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Border Devils - Complete western movie

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Border Devils - Complete western movie.
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Jim Gray is looking for the gang leader known as the General. When Neil Denham is murdered, Jim assumes his identity. He and his pal Squint Saunders then try to join the gang.

Harry Carey as Jim Gray
Kathleen Collins as Marcia Brandon
Gabby Hayes as Dude Sanders
Niles Welch as Tom Hope
Olive Carey as Ethel Denham
Albert J. Smith as Inspector Bell
Merrill McCormick as Jose Lopez
Art Mix as Bud Brandon
Tetsu Komai as The General

Directed by William Nigh
Produced by Louis Weiss
George M. Merrick
Written by Harry L. Fraser
Cinematography William H. Dietz
Edited by Holbrook Todd
Distributed by State Rights
Release date
April 4, 1932
Running time
59 minutes
Country USA
Language English

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