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AION In 2020 "Is It Worth Playing"

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Aion is a Korean High Fantasy MMORPG that initially released in 2008 in South Korea with a western release one year later, I initially covered this game in a first impressions video back in 2015 but I feel like it was a pretty bad video and I didn't give the game a chance so I'm revisiting it again today.

In terms of gameplay AION features a tab targeting combat system with skill combos, your character can flying and fight mobs in the air, there's a mixture of both PVP and PVE content as well as professions, player housing, pet collection, dungeons, world bosses and castle sieges waiting for you at end game.

As of making this video the game is published by Gameforge in the west, has mixed reviews on steam, and according to steam charts has around 300 people on line on average.

What do you think about AION in current year? would you like to see a squeal on PC? do you think it's still worth playing? let me know in the comments below!

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---AION MMORPG Steam Description---

The world of Atreia is in pieces. Hate and distrust between the peoples was increasing unabated: whilst the Elyos lead a life without limitations over on the brighter side of the planet, the Asmodians eke out an existence in eternal darkness. Choose your side and join your faction in battle for the future of Atreia. Adventures set in breathtaking graphics await: explore the light and shadow of this oppressed world or face other players in PvP. Only the bravest of heroes will be taken into the circle of the Daeva. With graceful wings, these beings are far superior to humans in both ability and strength.

Are you ready for the adventure of your life? Then prove it in AION, the free fantasy MMORPG!

Create a hero to suit your wishes.
Select from 6 classes, 12 specialisations and countless items.
Explore Atreia, a fascinating world of light and shadow.
Fight in dynamic PvPvE battles with hundreds of players and NPCs.
Experience fast-paced gameplay and rapid game progress.
Storm into the adventure of your life – on the ground and in the air!

Update introduces the second class specialisation of the Artist to battle: the Painter!
Wield the Painter’s mighty paint rings.
Bring peace to the new region of Dumaha.
Strengthen your hero with the new transformation items.
• Defeat your enemy in the Altar Siege Battle or in the Gold Arena!

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AION In 2020 "Is It Worth Playing"

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